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kein fisch
© all rights reserved
    by  Gerald  Huber


take the enerGHiii home

Gerald Huber reflecting about GHiii-art
I discovered art as ideal style to express my inspirARTion and enerGHiii.

Nature and fantasy continuously provide me with life energy which I translate into GHiii-art.
Water is Life - Fish are the Energy - Light inspires the Fantasy.

No element is more important to our lives than water. Fish are strong symbols for positive emotions and luck in many cultures and to me are the living ambassadors for the water’s clean & pure energy.

Having always been impressed and fascinated especially by the little worlds of life, I capture my impressions of happiness, amazement and enthusiasm in my GHiii-art.

The images start to tell about the full experience
     unique photo-collages, paintings, stone plates with crystals,...

The sculptures are disclosing more of it’s powerful secret
     sculptures from acrylic glass, stone, steel, paper, glass – bringing life,
     light and colour

The reflections and shadows keep 1001 effects ...
     each art work lives endless transformations!